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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nature and Me at Costales Nature Farms

Driving down south to see Majayjay Falls, one will see a sign first saying Costales Nature Farms just before you reach the detour to Mayjay Falls. A 5-hectare land acquired by Mr. Ronald Costales last 2005, this farm has evolved through time from just being a simple farm to a tourist destination in this part of the country now. And guys, this is where I spent one of my long weekends last August. 

It's time to go back in time again and feel the love and care of nature through Costales Nature Farms!

A 3-hour drive from Manila, Costales Nature Farms served as our nest when we were invited by the Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI) for their organic farming campaign. An advocacy that is now pushed by the department for us to have not just have delicious meals on our tables but also to live a healthy and safe life too, DA-ATI shared this farm, one of the credited organic farms in the country, for us to commune with the nature and experience an ideal organic life, even just for a day.

Equipped with non-air-conditioned rooms, this farm is perfect for some much needed R & R. With Mt. Banahaw at the background, every air that you breath is surely clean and fresh all through your stay... Well' that is if you're not close to the poultry and livestock cages of the farm. Hehe.

Guests who wished to try farming can also request from the staff to assist them, but during our stay there, since I'm not really a fan of "putik", we opted the tour around the farm option. 

It was really an enticing walk around the place. From seeing how cute and healthy their animals are, to how they managed to maximize the space, and how diverse their plants are, it so nice to know that places like this who keep on staying natural and chemical-free can really exist.

I had my time to relax my mind from the busy life back in Manila during the tour, so I guess I can say that I "enjoyed" the whole place.

Food here in Costales Nature Farms were also commendable. Since they are using their own fresh ingredients with no MSG and preservatives at all, everything tasted so natural and delicious. If you like veggies so much, you will surely love in here! The downside probably is, you will gain so much weight! Hahaha!

On the night of our stay here, I experienced the most organic "inuman" I've had in my life! We had lambanog, carrots, cucumber, french fries and vegetable salad for "pulutan"! Hahaha! How weird is that, but believe it or not, we managed to enjoyed all the veggies that they shared to us, dipping them to their very own vinaigrette dressing. Super yum!

Lamabanog tasted so much like tequila, and I would want to have more really, but with Majayjay Falls on the itinerary, by 10 in the evening I finally called it a night.

Come 6 in the morning, the gang had our another organic meal courtesy of the farm. And after that, we immediate packed our belongings to see the majestic Majayjay Falls.

My breakfast plate

Some 10 minutes away from Costales Nature Farm via car, we found ourselves traversing the paved path to Majayjay Falls. The air here was cooler with birds humming somewhere over the forest trees of Mt. Banahaw. This is the second falls I've visited in my entire life, so I new that this is gonna be fun. Every thing in this place was so photographic, which made me love it more.

We just spent some hours in here because my other companions were too scared to dip in the very cold water. And so after some few minutes, we were back in Costales Nature Farms packing our bags and readying ourselves to go back to the cruel metro world. 

Despite of just having a limited time staying here, I truly felt this place's goal in creating a really healthy and safe environment.With their advocacy of promoting such an unbelievable farming style and superb healthy lifestyle, I can't wait for that day that every ingredient that we will buy from the supermarket were all this organic and seriously came from the love of Mother Earth!

Thank, Costales Nature Farm, for this fun and learning vacation that you shared to us!
May the fruits of labor grow more and more and more!
Happy rammmpa!


  1. Hi Mr. Dizon, Im reden costales. thank you for your awesome blog about the farm and may I have the permission to use your pictures for our presentation? your pictures are spectacular and I would like to share them to our future guests. if that's ok with you.

    hoping for a favorable response.

    Reden Mark F. Costales

  2. Oh I'd love to try organic farming! Bookmarking this for a possible visit :)

  3. Hi! I can't find any mobile number for Costales Farm. We would like to make reservations. Do you have any number of them? thanks!


    1. Hi, Diane!

      Try contacting Ms. Josie F. Costales (President & CEO) at or call/sms at 0917-5442023.

      They are on facebook too,


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